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Posted by Matthew Denton on 03/19/2019

Management Shake-up

Recently, we here at SkyKing lost both our CEO and COO. I have taken these positions on and will be handling day to day operations of Executive staff. I am looking for an Operations Manager to complete minor tasks when I need them done. Please email me @ 


While of this loss is hard on the virtual airline, we will push through it. I have major goals for all of us, visual changes will be coming to the site, and advertising should help us grow.


Continue to fly high with Skyking 


Matthew Denton


Our Flights

Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
SKG7156Gavin DanielsKMCIKBNAERJ-17001.20-86 ft/m Pending
SKG613Gavin DanielsKMSPKMCIERJ-17001.17-60 ft/m Accepted
SKG3201Tom CardotPANCPADKB737-80003.11-240 ft/m Accepted
SKG3191Tom CardotKSEAPANCB737-80003.30-275 ft/m Accepted
SKG912Gavin DanielsKATWKMSPA319-11201.09-341 ft/m Accepted


Pilots: 7
Total Airline Hours: 196
Flights: 58
Flights Today: 1
Miles Flown: 52,990
Aircraft: 51
Passengers: 9,004
Routes: 22336

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Gavin has chosen flight SKG577 departing from KMSP arriving at PHNL,and will be flying a B777-200LR (B77L)

Tom has chosen flight SKG3211 departing from PADK arriving at RJSM,and will be flying a B737-800 (B738)

Recent Activity

SKG103 Gavin Daniels has filed a PIREP from KMCI to KBNA View Flight Report

SKG103 Gavin Daniels has filed a PIREP from KMSP to KMCI View Flight Report

SKG105 Tom Cardot has filed a PIREP from PANC to PADK View Flight Report

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