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Posted by Matthew Denton on 04/18/2019

Just some more updates

Hello there flight simmers, 

We have some wonderful updates coming to pilots and the pay scales here at Relief Air. 

  1. We are simplifying our Rank structure, why have too many ranks with little time in between them. We here at Relief Air believe that pilots should have to work for Promotions, So towards the end of this week many ranks will dissapear and flight time required to obtain the remaining ranks will be increased.
  2. Pay! (Virtual of course) We will be increasing pay to follow many real world companies, (We don't have anything for our pilots to purchase, but this is something we are looking into. 
  3. Updated logo. One of our resident pilots is updating our logo for discord and website purposes. (Plans to make a skin for aircraft will be brought up when managment decides to take that action)
  4. AND FINALLY! Our new web domain. ReliefAir.US is live. Currently it will redirect you to, however, when the restrictions placed on the purchase are removed, our main domain will be replaced with ReliefAir.US. 




See you in the Air. 


Matthew C Denton CEO Relief Air

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Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
SKG103Gavin DanielsKMKEKORDB737-70000.28-88 ft/m Pending
SKG103Gavin DanielsKJFKKMKEB737-70002.07-119 ft/m Pending
SKG103Gavin DanielsPHNLKJFKB767-30010.02-157 ft/m Pending
SKG103Gavin DanielsPHTOPHNLB737-70000.39-112 ft/m Pending
SKG103Gavin DanielsPHOGPHTOB737-70000.36-68 ft/m Pending


Pilots: 1
Total Airline Hours: 390
Flights: 121
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 148,562
Aircraft: 52
Passengers: 793,462
Routes: 22340

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