Award Description Image
1,000,000 Miles Flown 1,000,000 Miles!
100 Flights Flown 100 Flights
100 Hours Flown 100 hours
100k Flights Flown 100,000 flights
10k Flights Flown 10,000 flights
10k Hours Flown 10,000 hours
1k Flights Flown 1,000 flights
1k Hours Flown 1,000 Hours
2,500 Flights Flown 2,500 flights
2,500 Hours Flown 2,500 hours
250 Flights Flown 250 flights
250 Hours Flown 250 hours
25k Flights Flown 25,000 flights
50 Hours Flown 50 hours
500 Flights Flown 500 flights
500 Hours Flown 500 Hours
50k Flights Flown 50,000 flights
5k Flights Flown 5,000 flights
5k Hours Flown 5,000 hours
Greased Landing Bronze Landing rate of under -200FPM
Greased Landing Gold Landing rate of under -50FPM
Greased Landing Silver Landing rate of under -100FPM
Pilot of the Month Awarded when you are the outstanding Pilot of the Month!
Trans-Atlantic Pilot You've crossed the Atlantic Ocean
Trans-Pacific Pilot You've crossed the Pacific Ocean